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Review of July FuN Enjoyment of the Moon in Wanling Square

2019-07-26 13:09:21 Views: 233

Guide: Golden July, art emerged. Wanling Square solemnly launched a series of activities called "FuN Enjoyment of the Moon in Home Art".

Golden July, Art Emerges。 Wanling Square solemnly launched a series of activities called "FuN Enjoyment of the Moon in Home Art".

According to the business needs of vendors, Wanling Square is targeted.舉辦了一場【如何通過陳列讓業績翻倍】商品陳列培訓講座。

On July 19, 2019, Chen Lan, a national registered color collocator and a gold medal lecturer from the Software Customization Alliance, was invited to explain the upgrade knowledge of shop display and commodity collocation for merchants. The lecturer is practical and takes the storefront of Wanling merchants as a case to give pertinent teaching guidance.


On-site physical teaching, let merchants sensory experience, improve the quality of training.

Businessmen responded enthusiastically, actively participated in discussions, and exchanged with lecturers. More businessmen invite teachers to demonstrate on-site operation after the meeting.

In Golden July, there will be on-site sharing activities for young creative designers.

Wanling Square jointly hosted a floral home design FUN Sharon with the theme of "Flower Show, Pinhuo".

On July 20, 2019, Wanling Square, in cooperation with the International Association of Young Creative Designers, invited more than 30 interior designers to visit Wanling Square to share their interaction.

DFA Dutch Flower Artists are invited to bring them a cross-border learning course. The interactive atmosphere is active. Each designer visits the layout of the merchant's home style on the spot, and designs a work in groups according to the style of each regional theme and his own specialty.

Designers share the design concept of their works and integrate their works with the corresponding space. Designers said they were impressed by the activities organized by Wanling Square. Wanling Square will continue more life art activities and attract more designers to gather, thereby enhancing Wanling brand awareness and influence.