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Guangjiao World ▪ Mutual Benefit for the World: The 134th Canton Fair Foreign Investment Enters the Characteristic Market of the Millennium Commercial Capital - Wanling Square

2023-10-18 09:34:00 Views: 213


Section134The Canton Fair10month15On the grand opening of the day, the scale of this year's Canton Fair has reached a new high. Yuexiu District has created the "most Guangzhou" business, tourism, cultural experience, and business inspection activity, leading foreign businesses to enter the traditional central axis of Guangzhou to understand the maritime Silk Road culture of the millennium old commercial capital of Guangzhou. Wanling Square has the honor of being listed as one of the visiting points on the "most Guangzhou" millennium commercial capital tour inspection route.

Guangzhou is the birthplace of the ancient Maritime Silk Road in China, with a history of more than 2000 years of commerce and trade. The hundred Canton Fair started in Yuexiu. Wanling Plaza is located in Yide Business District, Yuexiu District, the Pearl River City, the bank of the Pearl River. The building is a Grade A office building. The podium shopping mall part is a modern business center with regular mold strength that integrates toy boutique wholesale, retail, catering, exhibition and commerce.

Crowds of merchants gather and trade extensively throughout the world. Wanling Square has nearly1,500Multiple merchants gather eight major product categories, including furniture and jewelry, floral decorations, boutique jewelry, handicrafts, toys, cultural and sports goods, lighting, and New Year's goods, and operate products with over1,200More than ten thousand species, for domestic use100Multiple cities and70Multiple countries provide high-quality goods with an annual transaction volume of billions of yuan, making it one of the largest commodity distribution centers and wholesale centers in China and even around the world.

Support the development of new forms and models of trade. Wanling Plaza has introduced financial, new media live broadcast enterprises and the the Belt and Road International Business Center to gather31Representatives of countries, businesses, and enterprises have successfully landed in the "Guangzhou Market Procurement and Trade Agglomeration Zone Expansion Pilot Market", providing one-stop comprehensive foreign trade services for import and export, strengthening regional economic connectivity and trade and investment cooperation, promoting high-quality development of domestic and international dual circulation. For four consecutive years, they have ranked among buildings with a tax revenue of 100 million yuan, obtained the "Integrity Building" in Yuexiu District, and provided nearly20The employment supply chain of ten thousand people has a high commercial influence.

10month17Day afternoon, day134The inspection team of the Canton Fair visited Wanling Square and entered the largest small commodity distribution center and wholesale center, immersing themselves in the ocean of small commodities1200There are over ten thousand types of goods, dazzling in sight. Visiting delegations from various countries have had a lively conversation with the leaders and merchants of Wanling Square, experiencing the trade charm of Guangzhou's millennium old commercial capital, understanding the story of Wanling, consulting product information and prices, and exchanging contact information to promote regional economic and trade connectivity and friendly exchanges.

Section134The Canton Fair is the largest in history, and Yuexiu District revolves around the "Canton Fair WorldThe theme of "Mutual Benefit to the World", with the theme of "Commerce and Trade+culture+Through the "tourism" approach, we aim to create a "boutique" business inspection route. Wanling Plaza warmly welcomes domestic and foreign buyers to visit the characteristic market of the millennium commercial capital to inspect and purchase. We kindly request that all merchants pay attention to and actively participate. Taking the Canton Fair as an opportunity, we will attract more foreign businessmen to come to Wanling, learn about Wanling, and fall in love with Wanling, enhance the brand image of Wanling Plaza, and create a "never-ending trade fair", To achieve high-quality development of "buy globally, sell globally" trade.