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The 123rd Canton Fair Yuexiu Literature and Business Tourist Group visited Wanling Square

2018-04-18 10:31:00 Views: 1788

Guide: On the afternoon of April 17, 2018, Yuexiu Literature and Business Tourist Group of the 123rd Canton Fair came to Wanling Square for a special visit.

2018年4月17号下午,第123届广交会越秀文商旅游团(hereinafter referred to as the Cultural Brigade)专程来到万菱广场考察,万菱广场常务副总经理周小娟女士等领导负责陪同。

Accompanied by Ms. Zhou Xiaojuan, Deputy General Manager of Wanling Square and other leaders,进入Wan Ling Plaza商场内参观考察Wanling Square, the leading enterprise in Guangzhou, is a real exhibition base for creative fashion product design in South China, which gathers 8 kinds of products, such as toys, fine goods and household ornaments, with more than 2,000 physical merchants and more than 1.2 million kinds of goods.



Through the escalator, the cultural and brigade delegation made a further investigationWan Ling Plaza楼层商铺。Wanling Square showcases many commodities.Foreign guestsThey all love and praise.Wanling Square, as an important landmark in the "most Guangzhou" route, on the one hand, provides foreign businessmen and tourists with thousands of dazzling commodities to "buy, buy and buy" shopping opportunities. On the other hand, it makes the businessmen of Canton Fair become ambassadors of tourism promotion. Through the window function of tourism, it also enables businessmen all over the world to see more opportunities for business-travel cooperation.



The cultural tour group visited the 8 th floor of Wanling Square (Soft and Hard Tianshi Decoration Experience Center) to experience the unattended shops.




Wan Ling group closely follows the "one belt and one road" put forward by the nineteen major reports, and grasps the opportunities for development. It will inject new impetus to the future development of Wan Ling and the local businesses, promote the continuous and stable development of Wan Ling, and promote the development of regional economy.

此次文旅团的考察,有望通过这个平台To Wanling Square and Wanling merchants to further open up cross-border trade.