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People's street held a meeting to share the spirit of the two sessions

2021-03-19 18:00:00 Views: 190

Guide: On the afternoon of March 18, 2021, the Party Working Committee and sub district office of Renmin Street held a meeting to share the spirit of the two sessions in the conference room of Renmin Street.

On the afternoon of March 18, 2021, the Party Working Committee and sub district office of Renmin Street held a meeting to share the spirit of the two sessions in the conference room of Renmin Street.

The meeting was presided over by Yang Zhihua, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the street. Ms. Wang Huizhen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, deputy director of the proposal Committee and managing director of Wanling group, who attended the two sessions, was invited to give a lecture to convey and share the spirit of the two sessions. Huang Yanghui, director of Yuexiu District People's Congress Standing Committee, Kong Xianghu, chairman of Yuexiu District People's Political Consultative Conference, Huang Yongqing, deputy director of Yuexiu District People's Congress Standing Committee, Zou Chunyan, deputy director of Yuexiu District People's Political Consultative Conference Standing Committee, and Wu cuiqin, director of Yuexiu District people's Political Consultative Conference Hong Kong Macao Taiwan Overseas Chinese Committee Office, attended the sharing meeting.

Through video, the sharing meeting connects wanlinghui, Wanling Plaza and huishengge hotel to convey the spirit of NPC and CPPCC, share the achievements of NPC and CPPCC, and exchange learning hearts We must take the implementation of the spirit of the NPC and CPPCC as the driving force, enhance confidence, innovate measures, work together to promote the steady and good economic and social development of the regions under our jurisdiction, and work together to open a new situation and achieve better results!

(Ms. Wang Huizhen shares the spirit of the national two sessions in 2021)

At the meeting, Ms. Wang Huizhen made a comprehensive presentation on the grand occasion of the NPC and CPPCC, the review of the government's work in the past year, the main achievements during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the key objectives during the 14th Five Year Plan period and the government's work priorities in 2021 by telling her personal experience of participating in the NPC and CPPCC, using vivid data and typical examples.

(people's Street main venue staff listen carefully)

When talking about the government work report, Ms. Wang Huizhen explained the nine key words of "vision, scientific and technological innovation, healthy China, green water and green mountains, just need of people's livelihood, rural revitalization, institutional innovation, positive wind and anti-corruption, and coexistence with the world" one by one, combined with the data comparison between today and night, as well as the deep understanding and experience of national policies, and led you to count the great changes of national development experience in recent years It is hard to hide the national pride of being a Chinese and the confidence in the future development of the country.

(the staff of Wanling Square branch listen carefully)

During the sharing process, Ms. Wang Huizhen showed many bright spots: first, she stressed that scientific and technological innovation is a very important link in the country's future planning. The national plan is to increase the R & D investment by more than 7% annually, and the future international competition will be more and more reflected in the competition in the field of science and technology. Second, it is emphasized to seek new development on the basis of normalization of epidemic prevention and control. It is difficult to completely eliminate the new coronavirus in a short time. We should never take it lightly and unswervingly implement all epidemic prevention and control work. Third, deepen the understanding of the supply side structural reform. The country has made great achievements in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and the people's living standards are improving day by day. In this case, we should pay attention to the people's demand for higher quality of life, start from improving the quality of supply, better meet the needs of the masses, and promote the sustained and healthy development of economy and society.

(participants of wanlinghui sub venue listen carefully)

When talking about "improving the electoral system in Hong Kong", Ms. Wang Huizhen pointed out that "this is very necessary. The chaos in Hong Kong in recent years is something most people in Hong Kong do not want to see.". She quoted Comrade Deng Xiaoping's saying in 1984 that "there is a boundary and standard for Hong Kong people to govern Hong Kong, that is, Hong Kong people with patriots as the main body must govern Hong Kong". She mentioned that there are loopholes in the current election system in Hong Kong, and these loopholes just give Hong Kong rioters an opportunity to take advantage of. As a result, Hong Kong society has suffered a heavy blow, and the SAR government can not effectively govern. Against the background of experiencing the turmoil in Hong Kong, Ms. Wang Huizhen expressed her full support for the decision of the National People's Congress on improving the electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passed by the National People's Congress. She believed that only by improving the electoral system and building a solid foundation for Patriots to govern Hong Kong, can one country, two systems achieve stability and long-term stability and social prosperity in Hong Kong.

(participants of huishengge sub venue listen carefully)

Finally, Ms. Wang Huizhen affectionately pointed out that with the strong support of Yuexiu District Party committee, Yuexiu District government and Renmin Street, Wanling Plaza and Renmin Street have been working together to create a business environment for Haizhu Plaza (Yide) business circle, promote the upgrading and transformation of professional markets, optimize and improve the quality of regional environment, and make steady economic development. Last year, we jointly responded to and prevented the severe epidemic situation, ensured a safe and healthy development environment, and promoted the resumption of work and production and stable economic development.

After the sharing, Secretary Yang highly affirmed Ms. Wang Huizhen's positive communication and learning of the spirit of the NPC and CPPCC. He pointed out that the NPC and CPPCC have formulated clear goals, tasks and directions for the future social and economic development, and have formulated a series of innovative policies, guidelines and measures, which will surely promote the sustainable and steady development of social economy in the future. At present, our top priority is to fully and pragmatically implement the spirit of the NPC and CPPCC, formulate specific and feasible implementation measures in combination with the reality of Renmin Street and Wanling square, enhance confidence, take advantage of the east wind of the NPC and CPPCC, take advantage of the strength of the NPC and CPPCC, work hand in hand to achieve stability and long-term development, and jointly promote regional social and economic development.

(participants in the main venue of Renmin Street listened attentively to Secretary Yang's summary)

(group photo of Party Working Committee and office leaders of Renmin Street with Ms. Wang Huizhen)