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One belt, one road, good cargo, the fourth Online + offline +N Shopping Festival opened.

2021-07-26 17:55:19 Views: 124

Guide: In July 26, 2021, one belt, one road, ten thousand Ling good goods, the fourth online shopping and offline +N Shopping Festival was held in Wanling square, and the grand opening ceremony was a complete success.

In order to promote the sound and stable development of the economy and the revival of business in the professional market, display a variety of global original and high-quality brand goods to buyers, and actively help merchants develop the market and shape Wanling brand image,2021year7month26It was held in Wanling squareOne belt, one road, fourth million goods."Online"+Offline+N”Procurement sectionThe grand opening ceremony was a complete success.

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Tang Hao, former vice chairman of Guangdong CPPCC, Zheng Tongliang, former standing committee member of Guangdong CPPCC and executive director of Wanling group, Lin Difu, executive chairman of Guangdong Guangdong Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Cooperation Promotion Association, Chen Jishan, vice chairman of Guangdong Federation of industry and commerce, Lin Guoqiang, deputy director of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Zhang Yan, deputy director of Guangzhou Council for the promotion of international trade, Yang Dan, first-class researcher of Guangzhou Federation of industry and commerce, Huang Yongqing, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Yuexiu District People's Congress, Hu Zhonghua, vice chairman of Yuexiu District People's Political Consultative Conference, Luo Yun, director of Yuexiu District Bureau of Commerce and other heads of relevant departments attended the opening ceremony; One belt, one road business representative, Zhou Xiaojuan, deputy director general of the Wan Ling Plaza, the representative of the business district, the representative of the foreign trade market, and the representative of the live broadcasting agency of Ho Li live. Wanling square and representatives of Zhanjiang Design Power Association published industry trends; Ms. Wang Huizhen, managing director of Wanling group, delivered an online congratulatory message, and Mr. Zheng Tongliang, executive director of Wanling group, announced the opening.

The group's managing director delivered a congratulatory message online

Opening of the fourth "Online + offline" section of the group

Opening speech by Ms. Zhou Xiaojuan, executive deputy general manager of Wanling Plaza

Activity site

 Signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Wanling Plaza and Zhanjiang Design Power Association

A superb collection of beautiful things, one belt, one road, the best fashion, and the charming fashion of the Plaza Plaza, attracted people to enter Wan Ling square and participate in the activities.

Activity site

 Activity site

Activity site

This one belt, one road, good goods, the fourth "Online + offline +N" procurement festival was unveiled, which not only showed the beautiful image of the upgrading of Wan Ling square, and the business service platform, business internationalization, financial trade, service modernization, shopping mall hard software, both comfortable and convenient shopping experience, and also launched the live broadcast of college students. Wanling good goods promotion Festival, one-piece batch, cash coupon delivery and other activities adopt the business model of "Online + offline + n", presenting a one-stop experience exhibition and trade platform for new era and new consumption of Wanling Plaza.

In the future, Wanling Plaza will strive to build a leading mall, realize the optimization, upgrading and innovative development of Wanling Plaza in four aspects: platform network, commerce, finance and services, continue to introduce IP original design, gather domestic and international high-quality brand resources, give full play to the functions of digital economy sharing, supply, innovation and empowerment, and promote new development. Let Wanling Plaza upgrade every time, every platform and every grand event... With the strong support of the government and all walks of life, Wanling Plaza merchants and purchasers work together to gather confidence and strength to achieve business prosperity.