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At the peak of the exhibition passenger flow in September, Wanling once again occupied the "screen hegemony" of high-speed rail advertising!

2021-10-13 16:10:00 Views: 245

Guide: During the large-scale international exhibition in September 2021, Wanling square, centered on Guangzhou south railway station, radiated the brand advertising plans of the surrounding high-speed railway stations, with a passenger flow of 4.7964 million person times and an average daily passenger flow of 3426 thousand person times.

2In September 021, thousands of passengers took high-speed rail at the international large-scale American Expo. During this exhibition, the high-speed railway station is undoubtedly a platform with huge traffic. Wanling square, with Guangzhou South Railway Station as the center, radiates the brand advertising plan of major high-speed railway stations around. During the periodPassenger flow up to4796400 person times, daily averagepassenger flow342600 person times

万菱广场,通过中国高铁完善的平台搭建,占据广州南站枢纽站的Waiting hall, ticket gate and other golden areas with high passenger flow进行密集式广告投放,大幅提升了万菱广场的品牌影响力与知名度,开启辐射全国的品牌战略布局。

This time, Wanling Plaza launched another strong attack and launched it on a large scale toC bitSeize the eye-catching advertising space in the high-speed railway station and start brand advertising“Bully screen”Mode, the influence is unstoppable, sweeping Guangzhou south railway station and other high-speed railway stations! The huge passenger flow every day brings massive exposure to the brand, which will“A wholesale, take the goods to Wanling!”The brand-new brand concept will be passed on to more consumers and become a beautiful scenery during the exhibition.

Wanling Plaza helps one belt, one road, to expand the sales channels of various types, and display the "one area, 10000 million" goods, and help businesses to enhance their brand image, docking more resources, and find more new business opportunities.This will once again enable Wanling venue merchants to further open transnational commerce and trade