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At the peak of the exhibition passenger flow in March, Wanling once again seized the "screen dominating" mode of High-speed Railway advertising

2021-04-07 11:39:04 Views: 43

Guide: During the peak passenger flow exhibition in March (US Expo and Home Expo), Wanling Plaza once again carried out a large-scale brand promotion in the national high-speed railway stations. During this period, the high-speed railway is expected to send 12 million passengers, with an average of 650000 passengers per day.

In March, a variety of large-scale domestic exhibitions were launched in full swing all over the country, and the flow was undoubtedly huge. During the peak of passenger flow in March, Wanling Plaza once again carried out a large-scale brand promotion in the national high-speed railway stations, during which the high-speed railway is expected to send passengers12 millionPerson time, daily average passenger650 thousandPerson time.

万菱广场以广州南站,长沙南站等为中心辐射周边各大高铁站品牌广告投放计划,通过中国高铁完善的平台搭建,Occupying the golden high passenger flow areas such as the waiting hall, ticket check-in gate and security check-in gate of key cities in China, intensive advertising has greatly enhanced the brand influence and popularity of Wanling Plaza, and successfully opened the brand strategic layout radiating across the country.


Guangzhou South Railway Station - part of Wanling advertising space

此次,万菱广场强势出击,大规模投放超93个屏,以C-bit之势抢占高铁站内吸睛广告位,开启品牌广告“Dominating the screen”模式,影响力势不可挡,席卷广州南站,长沙南站等高铁站点!每天巨大的客流量,为品牌带来海量曝光,将“A wholesale, take the goods to Wanling!”的全新品牌理念传递给更多的消费者,同时也成为展会期间的一道亮丽的风景线。


Changsha South Railway Station - part of Wanling advertising space

借此,【Wanling Exhibition Group】亮相了3月第47届中国国际(广州)家博会(2021.3.18-21)以及亮相了第56届中国国际(广州)美博会(2021.3.10-12)!【万菱参展团】不仅为大家带来一场高颜值、高品质家居家饰软装大秀,还用全新眼光装点时尚新生活,轻奢与美业携手,与您共享新商机!

Wanling Plaza helps one belt, one road, to expand the sales channels of various types, and display the "one belt, 10000 million" goods, and help Wanling merchants to enhance their brand image, docking more resources, and find more new business opportunities. Help Wanling Plaza merchants cultivate new opportunities in the crisis and open up new opportunities in the changing situation.


Part of the 47th Home Expo

The 56th Home Expo-Part [Wanling exhibition group]

External: Wanling Plaza continues to lead Wanling merchants to participate in the exhibition in the form of [Wanling exhibition group], helping Wanling merchants to "domestic sales + foreign trade dual wheel drive"

Internally: Wanling Plaza continuously promotes multiple exclusive offers and large-scale activities, benefiting consumers at home and abroad! Let Wanling merchants continue to expand domestic and foreign demand market;

Take this opportunity to let Wanling merchants further open transnational business!