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Old copper

2017-10-20 10:40:00 Views: 1292

Guide: Bronze Buddha statue, Tongguanyin, Tongguangong, Tongdizang, Tongqilin, Tongji, Tongjingchan, Tong elephant, Tongxiang stove, copper tripod, Tongjue, candlestick, Tongniu, Tongma, bronze figure carving, bronze door, bronze table, bronze chair, bronze lock.


  Old copper是一家具有独立设计、雕塑、铸造、制作施工能力的单位。Old Play Copper Art Co., Ltd.是一家独立自主,开发研究为一体的铜艺术品厂,承接各种大型铜雕塑的制作和小型的铜工艺品和礼品的订单。

Our factory specializes in producing three types of copper sculptures

1. All kinds of Chinese and European copper furniture ornaments, such as candlesticks, copper bulls, bronze horses, statues of bronze figures, animal bronze sculptures, etc.

2. Religious copper sculptures, such as bronze Buddha statues, bronze Guanyin, Tongguangong, copper tibetan, bronze unicorn, bronze ferret, bronze golden toad, bronze elephant, bronze incense stove, bronze tripod, bronze baron, etc.

3. Copper doors, tables, chairs, locks and other copper furniture.

Factory Address: 11 Xinting Village Xinhuan West Second Road, Hualong Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City

Shop and Exhibition Hall Address: Room 6A052 and 3612 on the 6th floor of Wanling Square, 39 Jiefang South Road, Guangzhou.

1. The company employs Mr. Wang Zhiqi, a master of Chinese culture, as our professional geomantic omen consultant. Mr. Wang personally participates in the design of various geomantic omens. Mr. Wang is "Super Knowledge of Human Beings" and "Shape". Guo Gong, the founder of "New Learning and New Interpretation of Qi Environment", is the inheritor of Feng Shui, the propagator of Chen Yuxiang, the master of Feng Shui, the guest lecturer of EMBA of Jinan University, the honorary president of Guangdong Enterprise Culture Construction Promotion Association, and the president of Guangdong Enterprise Culture Innovation Promotion Association. More than 100,000 students are all over the country.

 2.本公司聘请刘海龙为广州Lao You Copper Art Works Factory的首席雕塑师,曾创造深圳东部华侨城大华兴寺的四尊大型铜雕塑塑佛像,分别是: 古印度佛教古观音“莲花手菩萨”,汉传佛教“圣观音”,藏传佛教“世间尊观音”,明间甚爱的“送子观音”。端坐于莲花座,头顶西方极乐世界。塑像高23.3米,采用158吨仿金铜铸造,表面贴黄金40公斤,雄伟精妙,精美绝伦,堪称雕塑史上的一件瑰宝。还有许多的大小型雕塑作品,例如:“苏州重元寺三世佛”,供奉于大雄宝殿,高18.5米;“三面药师佛”,座于泰州古寿圣寺,高36米,用铜400多吨;“韦驮天像”位于深圳东部华侨城大兴寺,高12.8米;“灵台山定光大佛”位于福建清流县灵台山,高45.99米,宽30米;“慧能六祖佛”位于韶关市曲阳区鞍山路口,高5.9米;“少年孙中山”位于香港皇仁书院,高3米;(作品太多,不在此累赘介绍了,欢迎浏览网站的产品。)

3. The company has its own independent factory, employing a number of designers and sculptors at home and abroad. There are large model exhibition halls in the factory. Welcome new and old customers to buy and visit. And to undertake the customization of various copper sculpture products, can be large-scale sculpture, can also be small pieces of copper crafts or gifts, copper relief also has a very deep research.

Welcome new and old customers to come to purchase and negotiate. Your choice is our honor, your satisfaction is our pursuit.