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Skill training certification of new media marketer of China Securities Education

2019-12-26 14:26:10 Views: 18

Guide: During December 20-22, 2019 (May 6), the skill training certification of new media marketers of China Securities education was held on the 9th and 10th floors of Wanling square respectively.

随着5G新时代的到来,新媒体,新零售将为企业的发展注入新动能。结合行业实际,During December 20-22 (May 6), 2019,中证教育新媒体营销师技能培训认证分别在万菱广场9楼、10楼举行。

The training will employ well-known teachers in the industry. Topics such as new media marketing, jitter production and marketing skills are qualified through training and qualification certificates. In order to ensure the success of learning, free retraining is available.

图:Party construction activity center, 9th floor, Wanling square

Picture: multi function meeting room on the 10th floor of Wanling square

开展《新媒体营销师》可以帮助商家把握短视频流量红利期、Improve the company's performance and channel development and clear the inventory with the help of live broadcast.

The mode of "live + e-commerce" is similar to TV shopping, but different from traditional TV shopping, live e-commerce's interaction, preferential activities and time limited discounts are more immediate. Compared with the image and text mode, it is also more intuitive and clear in displaying products, drawing in the distance between brands and consumers. Data shows that Taobao's live broadcast sales of double 11 this year exceeded 10 billion yuan, and live broadcast with goods has become a new trend of e-commerce and a new business growth point. At present, wholesale markets such as Baima clothing, Holy Land leather goods, Yiyou auto supplies city focus on the anchor Market walk broadcast, base live broadcast, and Chuankou landlady live broadcast.