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Wanling group merchants to participate in the first red trade fair, go out and bring in, and develop together!

2020-12-18 11:31:00 Views: 370

Guide: On December 18, 2020, Wanling square organized merchants to participate in the first Guangzhou International Internet Red Industry Fair in Yuexiu International Conference Center (activity time: December 18-19).

2020年12月18日,万菱广场Group商家参加了【首届广州国际网红产业交易会】toYuexiu International Conference Center Guangzhou,展示了One belt, one road, ten thousand good goods.以展贸互动实现以展促产,促进产业交流,Open up new channel operation and seize the windbreak bonus(活动时间:12月18日至19日)。

This activity invited the e-commerce platform, live e-commerce service agencies, industry leaders, brand owners and supply chain bases to participate in the event, covering an area of nearly10000㎡,The whole online live broadcast is expected to attract more than 30000 people to visit and exchange, and 5000W + people to watch the live broadcast online,Build supply chain in South China with high standard-Online celebrity fair activities.

Just set up exhibition site ☟☟☟☟☟

Wanling Plaza helps Wanling merchants to go abroad and bring in,拓展各类型销售渠道,共同将广州打造为全国“直播电商之都”,让万菱各商户碰撞网红经济下的市场机遇、产业红利,并体验agency交电商新生态、新玩法,对接更多资源,寻找更多商机。In 2021, Wanling merchants will develop more brilliantly!

One belt, one road, ten thousand goods.商家】局部图

One belt, one road, ten thousand goods.商家】局部图



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Attached are tickets for the red trade fair